Intimacy Exhibition 

Brooks & Groves launched in 2016 with our Intimacy exhibition that took place from   September 28th – 30th and consisted of an  exhibition, publication and screening events. The exhibition sought to give an insight into the intimate relationship between 9  artists and their work and the issues and ideas that have influenced their individual practices. We wanted to give each artist an opportunity to show the work that  dealt with the ideas that was most relevant to them at the time and gave an insight into the world of each artist. Our publication and screening events hosted 3 amazing pubilcations and 6 talented film makers   and served as a platform to showcase the diverse range of talents being cultivated in London.


Artists: George Bularca, King James Owusu, Filip Haglund, Sid & Jim, Milo Burgess, Nara Walker, Claire Pritchard, Maxwell Granger, Shinuk Suh.

Publications: NiiJournal, Bedspreadzine, Toni Dal.

Film Makers: Mathieu Ajan, Ella Violetta, Francesca Castelbuono, Savanah Leaf, David Tembleque, Maria Sams.